Communicate with Your Employees

Employers who receive ongoing, effective communication about their benefits value those benefits more highly than those who don’t.

But employers are challenged with explaining benefits in a simple way and getting employees to take action.

And employers have limited resources to put together a benefits communications strategy and content.

We can help you provide engaging, easy-to-understand communications for your employees that require no time on your part.

What We Offer
We can make communication easy for you with our 12-month Employee Benefits Communication Plan. With content on 15 different benefits-related topics – and available in a variety of formats like videos, posters, and articles – you can send it all, or pick and choose the content and formats that you want to use to communicate with employees throughout the year.

56% of millennials want their employers to communicate about benefits in a way that is easier to understand. (2014 GuideSpark study)

70% of employers struggle to prepare their communications strategies for open enrollment periods. (2017 SourceMedia Research survey)

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