Enrollment Technology

Team Experience

15 years

Integration & Platform Agnostic Options

We believe technology should not get in the way of enrollment or administration.  Our Enrollment Technology team along with our Implementation Manager consults our employer groups, find their pain points and what is working well and we try to integrate as many options as possible.

From benefit admin platforms to file specs, we work to give you the most flexibility.

Over 15 Years of Experience

Our diverse team has several case builders and EDI/data specialists who work to ensure your case build and enrollment runs smoothly.  With over 15 years of experience in the industry, this team ensures your experience from the HR perspective as well as the employee is smooth.

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System Case Builds

Using a variety of enrollment and benefit administration platforms.

EDI Services & API

Data feed setup and API connections* to carriers and payroll systems.

A Solid & Streamlined Enrollment Build

With a team led by experts in enrollment technology with experience over 15 years in the industry, we’ve seen almost any type of benefits plan or situation.  There is an enrollment technology solution for you in our platform agnostic service.

The 3 Phase Process



We’ll consult with you and gather requirements, current systems, benefit plan rules, eligibility, and census data collection.  Start simply by filling out the “Build My Case” form.



Once requirements have been established, we’ll consult with you on the best system to move forward with and will begin implementation.  This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on complexity of your build.  At this point we configure your benefit plans, employment rules, eligibility, load the census, and then begin establishing data connections.


After implementation, we’ll deploy your system, train users and validate enrollment is occurring as planned.  Once enrollment is complete we’ll complete case wrap up rules and audit to ensure the system followed all benefit and eligibility rules. Our EDI team will complete scheduled delivery of files.  You’ll then receive periodic check-ins from your account executive.

Accurate Data Matters

We know the pain of data not making it to carriers or payroll systems on-time or with incorrect data.  Errors and inaccuracy can cost someone their coverage, force them to catch up on payroll deductions, and create huge headaches for HR, Finance & Brokers alike.  Our team develops a plan prior to enrollment to ensure all data will be received in the correct format and timely manner. We use APIs where available to make transfer even more seamless.

Data Transfer Services


Flat Files (CSV, TXT, XLS, etc)

If your systems can take a CSV (comma separated values), TXT (text formatted), or XLS (Excel) files we can export data to fit your format from any of our systems.

EDI 834 One-Off's & Automation

Using the ANSI 834 specification, our systems have 834 file capabilities to send data securely to carriers, especially medical, dental, and vision 834 files.  Depending on the system and setup, these can be sent for a one time Open Enrollment file or on an ongoing scheduled basis.

API (Application Programming Interface)

As the industry continues to modernize, our enrollment platforms are increasingly including API connections directly to new carriers every day.  Carriers such as Aflac, Ameritas, Guardian, Trustmark, The Standard, MetLife and more have API capabilities depending on platform.  This means in many cases, almost real-time synchronization of data between the benefit administration system and the carrier or payroll provider.  Many of these are setup on the LIMRA (LDEx) standards.

A Platform Agnostic Approach

We don’t believe in locking you into a specific platform.  We’ll consult with your needs and build your case on the system that best fits your products, skill level, and resources.