Enrollment Services

Average Enrollment Time

20 minutes

Call Center Wait Time

14 seconds

Number of Call Center Calls


Drive more participation through FLEXIBILTY

Today, everyone is always on the go. It’s difficult to ensure your employees are able to elect and enjoy their benefits. We believe that providing a pain-free and flexible experience is the key to hiring and retaining the best and brightest talent.

In order to offer this, we provide multiple ways for employees to elect their benefits whether online, on the phone, or in person.

An Educational Format

Licensed Benefits Counselors provide necessary educational information, like their customized Benefits Guide and videos, to help employees know what is being offered to them and to navigate through the enrollment process.

They are able to choose which benefits work best for them and their current situation.

man in white t-shirt carrying girl in pink dress

Onsite Face-to-Face

We provide face-to-face to increase clarity and improve the employees comfort level with their benefits.


Secure Onsite Equipment

Our equipment is fully encrypted and centrally managed remotely from our Tennessee office.  All network connections are conducted over TLS encryption and devices require MFA (multi-factor authentication).

Emailed Benefit Summaries

Employees will receive a digitally signed benefit summary after their enrollment for peace of mind.

Call Center/Virtual

Benefits counselors take calls directly from your dedicated toll-free line and provide an educational experience.

Dedicated Toll Free #

You will have a dedicated toll free line for employees to call.


Agents are fully licensed, all calls recorded, and calls monitored by supervisors.  All calls are recorded and kept for 20 years plus the life of the policy in secured data centers on both the east and west US coasts.

Flexible & Extendable

A variety of open hours can be programmed into the system with the ability to leave voicemail after hours or during peak call times. The system is cloud-based and scalable in minutes so agents can be assigned to meet increased demand.

Online Self-Enroll

COVID-19 accelerated self-service. The key to providing a successful self-service experience is to make the process simple and educational.

Educational & Engaging

By providing engaging benefits guides and product videos, we keep enrollment education on a level employees can understand, even while self-enrolling.  On some platforms we can even integrate the videos right on the product pages.

Online Chat & Support

If an employee does get stuck or have questions, they can use our online chat feature which is fully HIPAA compliant and allows an enroller to dig deeper into questions an employee may have.  There is also a direct phone line to that enroller if a phone conversation is needed.