Medical Pools

Americans in Debt Due to Medical Bills*

4 in 10

Avg. Medical Plan Cost for Employer*

$16K per family

Premium Share change in 10 years*


Leverage Through Collaboration

What is a Medical Plan Cooperative (COOP)?

Join like minded public sector administrators across your state.

Cooperatives are an alliance of employers developing & maintaining health payment structures that offer health insurance at reduced costs.  Pooling resources & plan strengths and risks give the opportunity to compete with the health insurance companies.

Advantages of our Medical Plan Cooperatives

  • Membership scale creates Plan Cost Stability
  • Multiple solutions for our customers
  • Cost advantages through leverage
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Improved pharmacy contracts
  • Stop Loss contract stability


Not a One Size Fits All Approach

Multiple Customer Options

Small to Midsize Public Sector Employers

Guaranteed Cost & Stability

Small to midsized public sector entities will have access to full services including:

    • Maximum liability for Groups and Captive
    • Administration and Network partner
    • Predictable Costs
    • Pharmacy Contract
    • Stop Loss Contract – Improved pricing and contract terms
    • The advantages of self-funding with the stability of a traditional funding model
    • Independent captive management – checks and balances
    • Transparency
    • Individual Client distribution – 100% retention of surplus
    • Captive residual – 100% of excess surplus distributed


Traditionally Structured Employers

Self-Funded Option

Self-funded public sector entities have access to the following services:

  • Administration
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management Contract
  • Stop Loss Contract
  • Multiple Pooling Levels
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